Projects at present 1: The Dreams

A series of pieces for Cello and Piano for young players begun with my son Philip and now also written for other members of Barbara Varsanyi's cello-class in Bonn, the series has been extended. The idea is that each piece has a strong fun-element and some aspects of contemporary music and extended playing techniques, thus making them introductory to new music whilst being relatively easy to „handle". They are of varied technical difficulty. They are called Dreams to show that they are not serious attempts to characterise a country or continent which the composer may never have visited but simply that the composer's general idea of the place gave rise to the inspiration. The pieces will be published in Autumn 2019 by Editions Musica Ferrum.


Dream of Argentina (sound-file here)

Dream of Cuba (sound-file here)

Dream of Africa (sound-file here)

Dream of China (sound-file here)  

Dream of New Zealand (sound-file here)

Dream of Persia

Dream of the Arctic

Dream of Scotland

Dream of Mars

Dream of Egypt