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Interesting didactic projects culminating in fascinating concerts:


14th Nov 2015, Tonhalle Düsseldorf, 16h

Zwischen Reisbällchen und Fortunabrötchen

Family-concert, story by Thilo reffert, music by my composition calss.


19th Nov 2015, 16h: finishing concert, composition-course, Music-Loft Aachen. Circus!


24th Jan 2016 Art Gallery K21 Düsseldorf. Finissage-concert to exhibition "The Problem of God", music by my composition-class.



Here's what I have written recently:


Dos de las vidas de Miguel Mármol  for Choir, solo soprano, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, perc, violin, piano, speaking voices, 6 further percussionists and orchestra. Text: Eduardo Galeano from Memoria del Fuego.


Habanera (Bizet, aus Carmen) and Als die alte Mutter mich noch lehrte singen (Nr 4 from Zigeunermelodien Op 55) arranged for Mezzosoprano and Piano-Trio


Casimir for Violoncello solo (birthday present for Michael Denhoff) UA Lea Maria Haas 2015


Two footnotes for piano solo, for Susanne Kessel's project 250 piano pieces for Beethoven


Al semaforo lampeggiante, a notte fonda for Accordion and Percussion


Elfentanz  Mendelssohn's Song without Words Op. 102 No. 3 for four violoncelli


El octavo nacimiento for Choir, Childrens' Choir and instrumental Quartet


Four cadenzas for Beethoven's 3rd piano concerto


The Radio-play Scheherzad und der Brunnen der Geschichten (Karleinz Koinegg, music by David Graham) is available at der Hörverlag