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New pieces:

GNADENGESUCHE for Piano solo, in memoriam Karlrobert Kreiten, first perf played by Susanne Kessel, Leoninum Bonn, 27th August, 18h.


THREE WAVES for choir SATB  on poems by Ian Stephen. 1st perf planned 2023 Ratinger Kammerchor, cond. Dominikus Burrghardt (Musikverlag hajo).


FIVE FISH (Texts by Ian Stephen). For Choir SATB. Ist perf Krefeld 24th Sept 17h, Historisches Klärwerk Uerdingen (Rundweg 20-22, 47829 Krefeld


THE LEFT-HANDED ACROBAT four pieces for Guitar not using the right hand. 1st perf Nicola Yasmin Stock, Viersen, 2022.


DREI! LIEDER AUS DICHTERLIEBE (Im Rhein and Die alten, bösen Lieder) arr. for unaccompanied choir. 1st perf 2022 Bonner Kammerchor, cond Georg Hage (perf. planned for Bonn, 4th June 2023, place not yet confirmed.) AND Nr 3 Aus alten Märchen, first perf 21st October 2023. Where? Watch this space!


A GAELIC SUITE (2nd Piano Quartet) First performance 21st January 2022, Notos Quartet

TAKE SIDES (Three short pieces for guitar-quartet), for Daniel März and the Quartett Rheinsaiten. 1st perf 16th Feb. 2020 in Dortmund.
Published by Edition Margaux. Presentation-video here.


SELBSTVERSUCHE for large Chamber-Ensemble. Based on the life of Alexander von Humboldt. Ist perf Cuba, November 7th 2019, 16h. Studio Musikfabrik Köln, conductor Peter Veale. Conservatorio Amadeo Roldán, La Habana, Cuba.

Also November 9th 18h, Sala de Conciertos Ignacio Cervantes, La Habana.


CROSS WINDS AND WAVE ACTION for Quintet (Fl Cl Vl Vla Vc) for New Music Group Aachen. Ist perf 22nd Nov 2019, Aachen (Aix la Chapelle).




PREMIERE! - Komposition-course February '23 for youngsters at Bonn's Music School. Initial inspiration from Museum Beethoven-house Bonn, course 4 weeks, each student wrote a piano-piece which had something to do with LvB. Performances 31st March 2023. Two pieces will be played at BEETHOVEN piano club (concert-series by Susanne Kessel) on 7th June 19h, Pantheon Bonn.


Charlie's City - Composition course for Kids at MusicLoft music-school Aachen, May-Sept 2022. In cooperation with Centre Charlemagne (Museum showing history of Aachen, esp Charlemagne). Final concerts with Duo Dali (Fl & Hrp) 29th Sept in the Museum; 29th Oct 19h in the Klangbrücke Aachen.


TIERISCH - Composition-course for children from Bonn's music school and two primary-schools on the theme of dwindling biodiversity. Kick off in the woods with professional assistance, pieces composed to May 2022 and played in a concert (with Carneval of the Animals) by Beethoven Orchestra Bonn 22nd May.


T.R.A.S.H. - Composition-project with Junge Oper at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein! Nov 2019-May 2021. A new Opera composed by youngsters and produced (May 2021) by the opera-house. Rehearsed and performed by the Opera House Düsseldorf


Völlig von der Rolle, a humorous video-look at the present crisis by youngsters from 8-12yrs (English sub-titles available). Run by Junge Oper Düsseldorf. The Story-line written by kids with Sascha Pranschke, the music and sounds by 15 kids assisted by me and after that came the optics (100+ pics by kids with Elisa Kuzio).  Launch in Youtube 2nd May 19h CET. Really fascinating: songs were recorded by individual choir members in Venezuela and Germany and brought together as a choir by editing.



More performances

IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY YOU WILL SEE FACES (2nd concerto for trombone and strings) for musicians in Cuba. First performance in Camagüey. Wonderful trombone soloist Roger Reinier Meriño Martinez. Walter Themel conducted. Second performance with young string orchestra in Las Tunas (Cuba), 24th March 2018. Third performance La Habana, Cuba, Casa del Alba Cultural, 3rd November 2019, 16h (Festival de La Habana de Musica Contemporanea).



10 Dreams for Cello and piano at Editions Musica Ferrum


Just published:

Suite for solo violin, ISMN 979-0-011-41050-9 at Robert Lienau Musikverlag (RL 41050).

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