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Writing now:

SELBSTVERSUCHE for large Chamber-Ensemble. Based on the life of Alexander von Humboldt. Ist perf Cuba, November 9th 2019. Studio Musikfabrik Köln. Basílica de San Francisco de Asís, La Habana.


Planning: CROSS WINDS AND WAVE ACTION for Quintet (Fl Cl Vl Vla Vc) for New Music Group Aachen. Ist perf 22nd Nov 2019, Aachen (Aix la Chapelle).


Just finished:


A LIGHTHEARTED MOMENT Three St Kilda Folk-Songs for Guitar and Accordion. For Volker Höh and Helmut C. Jacobs. Ist perf 23rd Feb 2019 in Montabaur (private).


THREE SHORT PIECES for guitar-quartet, for Daniel März and the Quartett Rheinsaiten.


SIX KILDA MELODIES, settings of melodies from St Kilda for Cello and Accordion. For Philip Graham and Heidi Luosujärvi. 1st performances 25th August 2018, 20h, Burg Trifels in 76855 Annweiler; 26th August, 17h, Weingut Lanius-Knab in 55430 Oberwesel


If You Look Closely You Will See Faces (2nd concerto for trombone and strings) for musicians in Cuba. First performance in Camagüey. Wonderful trombone soloist Roger Reinier Meriño Martinez. Walter Themel conducted. Second performance with young string orchestra in Las Tunas (Cuba), 24th March 2018. Third performance La Habana, Cuba, Casa del Alba, 3rd November 2019 (Festival de Musica Contemporanea).


Interesting didactic projects culminating in fascinating concerts:


Composition-course for children, music-school, Brühl. Competition. Final concert with winners in Sept 2019.


Ritterballett reloaded! Composition course with Beethoven-Orchestra Bonn, starts Dec. 2019, 8 young composers rethink Beethoven's Ritterballett (written/performed at age 20 in Bonn). Concert 11th Oct 2020.


New composition-project with Deutsche Oper am Rhein! Nov 2019-Nov 2020. A new Opera will be composed by youngsters and produced by the opera-house.


Just finished:

Lust der Täuschung - Thrill of deception - composition course in Aachen (MusicLoft) for school children. Based on optical illusion material displayed at the Exhibition Lust der Täuschung at Ludwig Forum. Children compose pieces related to objects in the exhibition. Final concert in Ludwig Forum Aachen 13th June 2019, 18h .

 Going to be published soon:

10 Dreams for Cello and piano at Editions Musica Ferrum - look for that in the Autumn of this year!


Just published:

Suite for solo violin, ISMN 979-0-011-41050-9 at Robert Lienau Musikverlag (RL 41050).


The Radio-play Scheherzad und der Brunnen der Geschichten (Karleinz Koinegg, music by David Graham) is available at der Hörverlag

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