Works for larger Ensembles / Werke für größere Ensembles


TOOTH OF THE SAINT for Trombone solo and Ensemble. Trombone T/B, Fl/Picc, Cl/Bcl, Perc., Piano, Vl, Vla, Vc. 17'30". 1st perf planned Bonn, 19th Jan 2019, Andreas Roth and E-MEX.




THREE DANCES FOR SIX PLAYERS - A hommage to Petrouschka. Commissioned by Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg. Cl/Bcl, Trpt, Marimba/Perc, Vl, Accordion, Cb. 16 Min. UA 5.7.2018 Balletthaus am Rhein Düsseldorf.




IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY YOU WILL SEE FACES (Concerto Nr 2 for Trombone and String Orchestra) first performed Camagüey/Cuba 2017. Soloist Roger Reinier Meriño Martinez. Walter Themel conducted. Second performance with young string orchestra in Las Tunas, 24th March 2018.




MIND THE GAP for 10 string players. 5140. First perf. Montepulciano, Giovani Archi Poliziani, cond. Catherine Bruni. 23rd Juli 2016.




RUN JUMP FLY Concerto grosso. Concertino (professional): Cl., Trbn., Perc., Ped-Timp., Harp, Vl., Vla., Vc., Cb. Ripieno (children): 2 Fl , 2 Ob, 2 Cl, 2 Fg, 4 Hrn, 2 Tpt, 2 Pos. 12 min., 1st perf Remscheid 2009




THE WALLS LEAN OUTWARDS Guitar-Orch 6 Min 1st Perf Montabaur 2007


SILLY COCK CROWING Symphony orchestra 5 Min., Ist perf 2006




THE GARDENS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Mand, Acc, Perc soli, Mandolin orch. 16 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf, 2002.




SON DE NEGROS EN CUBA Text: F.G.Lorca. Voci bianchi (possibly children), Vl. 1, Vl. 2 or Vla., Chit., 2 perc., Cor., Vc. 4 min., 1st perf. Camagüey, Cuba 1999.




GENERAL PENTAGONAL Text: Nicolás Guillen. Sopr., Choir SATB, 6 perc., orch. 7 min., 1st perf. Camagüey, Cuba 1996.




SCHEINWELTEN Revue per Soprano, Tenore, Baritono, Vl., Mand., Fisarmonica, Pf stonato, Perc., Trbne., Cb. Text: Jens Prüß. 55 min., 1st perf Düsseldorf 1993.




SIEBEN ANLÄSSE per Mezzosoprano e sette strumenti. Text: Richard Nöbel. Fl., Ob., Cl. basso/contrabbasso, Chit., Vl., Vla., Vc. 12 min., 1st perf. Moers 1994.




SHARDS Concerto per Fisarmonica e nove strumenti. Fisarmonica sola, Fl/picc., Ob., Cl., Fg., Cor., Perc., Vla., Vc., Cb. 16 min., 1st perf. Moers 1993




NUTTING Text: William Wordsworth. Sopr., Choir SATB or TB, Vl solo, 8 perc, orch. 20 min., 1st perf. Trieste 1992


SYMPHONY NR. 2 (SHORT) For orchestra . 16 min., 1st perf. Bonn 1992




LICHTBLICK Oratorio for choir, chamber orch., solo Fl., solo Vl., solo Pf. & 6 perc. 45 min., 1st perf. Alsfeld 1990.




ATTA TROLL SUITE For large chamber orchestra. 15 min.




LA SIRENETTA Potpourri for Big-Band based on themes from Alessandro Sbordoni's ballet. 10 min., 1st perf. München 1988.




SZENEN AUS EINEM ALPENTAL Based on themes from Gerd Kühr's opera Stallerhof. Large wind orchestra. 5 min., 1st perf. München 1988.




"Non c'è nessuno?" – fantasia spaziale Girls choir, 2 trbne. (professional), 7 perc. (playable by children). 8 min., 1st perf Udine 1988 TRE CANTI PER LA PACE Text Hans-Ulrich Treichel. Sopr., obbl. choir, 5 perc. (playable by gifted children), obbl. Fl., Cl., Vc., Cb., Pf. 15 min., 1st pf Udine 1987. Pizzicato Edizioni Musicali, Udine.




STAR DANCES Pf. Solo, large wind orchestra. 20 min., 1st perf. Dortmund 1996.




CHAMBER PIECES for four instrumental groups (playable by gifted children). 3 Fl/Hpschd., 2 Guit./Vc./Bongos, Str. Quintet, 2 Cl./Tpt./Tbne./Cb. 12 min., 1st perf. Biel, Switzerland 1985.




SYMPHONY FOR HARP, KEYBOARDS AND PERCUSSION Harp, 2 Pf., Hpschd/Celeste, 3 perc. 40 min., 1st perf. London 1986.




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