19th Feb 2019, 19h. Musikschule Bonn-Beuel, Rheinaustr. 131.

Pupils of the Musikschule play Dream of China, Dream of Scotland (Vc/Pf) and Nr 1 of Four Short Pieces for Vl and Acc (here Pf, pupil of Susanne Kessel).


A Lighthearted Moment for Guitar and Accordion

Volker Höh and Helmut C. Jacobs

Privatkonzert, Montabaur, 23rd Feb 2019


GRAVITY (Piano quartet)

Notos Quartet

Ultraschall Festival in Radialsystem V,  Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin,  18th Jan 2019, 17h


GRAVITY (Piano Quartet)

Notos Quartet, Trinitatiskirche, Brahmsstrasse, Bonn,

12th Jan 2019, 19h30


Two Footnotes for Piano. Susanne Kessel, Klavierhaus Klavins Bonn, 14th Dec 2018