Solos / Solostücke


SHIFT for solo Accordion. 7 min.




SUITE NR 2 for solo Violoncello. StarLines (5 min., 1st perf Bonn 2009), Trajectory, HabitableZone 1st perf Aachen 2012.




SUITE NR 3 for solo Violoncello I: Spook, II: Sparks (earlier called Funken), III: Spices 1st perf I: Bonn 2004 (Philip Graham), II: 2005 III: NN. 8 min.




FIRE PIECE Trombone 4 min., 1st perf Bonn 2007




RIPS OVER GRADIENTS Cl 3 min., 1st perf Bonn 2007




ROUGH MAGIC Vl. 3’30“1st perf Düsseldorf 2005




ST KILDA PIECES Piano. (I Long Seas, II It Goes on Down, III Falling Figure, IV A Mark for Each Survivor, V St. Kilda Fades) 1st perf I Düsseldorf 2004, II & IV Valenciennes 2005.


Inventio Musikverlag.




SUITE FOR SOLO VIOLIN I Prelude II Arietta III Fuga 10 min., 1st perf. Arietta Perugia 1984., III Camagüey/Cuba 2002, I & complete Saarbrücken 2004. Robert Linau Musikverlag.




ANY RESEMBLANCE IS COINCIDENTAL Tbne. 5 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 2004.




SCHWARZWEISSFAHREN For a percussionist. 5 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 2000.




THEME AND FIVE MUTATIONS For Viola sola (taken from the music to Dolly). 13 min., 1st perf. Bonn 2000.




DOLLY Musik for the Video by Harald Klemm for Viola sola and recorded/processed Viola sounds. 18 min., 1st perf. Bonn 2000.




BY THE LEFT For a Bassoonist (includes Contra-bassoon). 6 min.




FIVE OPEN WINDOWS For Guitar. 10 min., 1st perf. Camagüey, Cuba 2000. Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag


SCHOBERS LICHT For Accordion (and ad lib Tape). 15 min., 1st perf. Bonn 1998. Augemus Musikverlag, Essen




THREE BRAZILIAN FOLKSONGS Pf. 5 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1995.




LABYRINTH Guitar. 15 min., 1st perf. Bonn 1998.








LINES AND CHORDS Vibraphone solo. 6 min., 1st perf. Münster 1994.




3 PIECES FOR ACCORDION SOLO 7 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1988.




SUITE FOR CELLO SOLO I Solo Duet. II Ruby Wedding. III Clown. 12 min., 1st perf. I Ludlow 1992, II Bolton 1991, III Brühl 1987, complete Düsseldorf 1998.




RESPIRO For Flute. 3 min., 1st perf. Montepulciano 1985.




DIVERTIMENTO SOPRA FAUST For Clarinet. 3 min., 1st perf. Roma 1984.





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