Chamber music / Kammermusik


THREE SHORT PIECES for guitar-quartet. 2019. 7 min.


GRAVITY Piano Quartet Nr 1. I: Ripples, II: Rotations, III: The Human Factor 20 Min. 1st perf. Unna 2017, Notos Quartett.


A LIGHTHEARTED MOMENT Three St Kilda Foilk-Songs for Guitar and Accordion. Ist perf planned 23rd Feb 2019 in Montabaur.


 SIX KILDA MELODIES for Cello and Accordion. Settings of melodies from St Kilda for Cello and Accordion. 1st performances Philip Graham and Heidi Luosujärvi 25th August 2018, Burg Trifels in 76855 Annweiler; 26th August,  Weingut Lanius-Knab in 55430 Oberwesel. 14 min.


TOOTH OF THE SAINT for Trombone solo and Ensemble. Trombone T/B, Fl/Picc, Cl/Bcl, Perc., Piano, Vl, Vla, Vc. 17'30". 1st perf planned 2018, Andreas Roth and E-MEX.


MIND THE GAP for 10 string players. 5140. First perf. Montepulciano, Giovani Archi Poliziani, cond. Catherine Bruni. 23rd Juli 2016.


RITUAL V for Violoncello and Accordion. 12 min., 1st perf Siegburg 2013

(Philip Graham and Heidi Luosujärvi)


TAKE CARE OF THE SENSE Mandolin and Accordion. 6min., 1st perf. Wuppertal


TERZETTINO Vl Cl Pf 2 min. 1st perf Bonn 2011


10 DREAMS all for Cello & Piano:

DREAM OF MARS Cello and Piano (young players). 2 min.,

DREAM OF ARGENTINA Cello and Piano (young players). 2 min., 1st perf. Bonn 2000 (Philip Graham, Vc / David Graham, Pf).

DREAM OF EGYPT 2 Celli and 2 pianists (young players). 4 min.,

DREAM OF CHINA Cello and Piano (young players) 3 min., 1st perf Bonn 2011 (Lara Fleischer, Vc / Katrin Weißtuch, Pf)

DREAM OF SCOTLAND Cello and Piano (young players). 3 min.,

DREAM OF CUBA Cello and Piano (young players). 2 min., 1st perf. Bonn 2001 (Philip Graham, Vc / Fabian Müller, Pf).

DREAM OF THE ARCTIC Cello and Piano (young players). 3 min.,

DREAM OF NEW ZEALAND Cello and Piano (young players) 3 min., 1st perf. Bonn 2012 (Emilia Bozzetti, Vc / Michelle Weißtuch, Pf)

DREAM OF PERSIA Cello and Piano (gifted young players). 4 min., revised 2014

DREAM OF AFRICA Cello and Piano (gifted young players) 3 min. 1st perf Bonn 2008 (Lukas Wittrock, Vc / Alexander Krimer, Pf)

Editions Musica Ferrum


FOUR FRAGMENTS Vl 1&2, Vc, Piano (children) 3 min. Ist perf Düsseldorf 2010


WE HAVE NO RELICS Accordion, Guitar, Perc. 14 min., 1st perf (CD-recording) Trio Bariolé 2008 Augemus Musikverlag, Essen



THREE ST KILDA CHORUSES Long as West is (SATB Pf Tbne), No Love of Boats (SATB Pf), Visible Faults (SATB Pf). Texts: Ian Staphen. 12 min., 1st perf Bonn 2007 

DWELLING Cl & Piano 3 min 1st perf Bonn 2007


TOCCA A TE 9 Vc 4 Min 1st perf Bonn 2005


THREE ST. KILDAN MELODIES for 2 Basset-Horns and Piano. I: D'Dha Shùil Bheag Bhiolach, II Cas na Caora Hirtaich, ò! III Gur Ann Thall ann an Sòdhaigh. 1st perf Oxford 2004. 


MINI-POD Vl & Pf (young players) 2 Min

MINI-CLIP Vl & Pf (young players) 2 Min 1st Perf Bonn 2003


TRYTONE 2 Fl., Cl. 5 min., 1st perf. Bonn 2002


TRE CANTI D'AMORE (Text: Torquato Tasso) For Soprano and Harp with optional choir SATB. I: Non posso gioire. II: Qual rugiada (1st p. Udine 2001). III: Tacciono i boschi. 15 min.


MINOR EVENTS Fl., Vl., Cor., Vc., Pf., Perc. (playable by gifted children). 7 min., 1st perf. Bonn 2001.


SPIRALS Bass flute, Cor anglais, Viola. 15 min., 1st perf. Bonn 2000.


DOPPELGÄNGER Berceuse for Piano and synthetic sounds. 11 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1998.


RITUAL III Ob., Vl. 8 min., 1st perf. Camagüey, Cuba 1997.


RITUAL II Accordion, Perc. 15 min., 1st perf. Bonn 1997. Augemus Musikverlag, Essen.

THREE BRETON DANCES Cl., Pf. 6 min., 1st perf. Saint Jacut, France 1996.


RITUAL I Fl., Ob., Vl., Vla., 10 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1995.


LORELEI Fl., Guitar. 4 min., 1st perf Düsseldorf 1995.


INCONTRO Per Campanula (oppure Vc.) e Tromba. 5 min., 1st perf. Brühl 1995.

DIVERTIMENTO III 3 Sonatas after Scarlatti. Vl., Pf., Cb., 20 min., 1st perf. Moers 1994. P.J.Tonger Musikverlag, Köln.


9 BAGATELLES for guitar, accordion and percussion. 10 min., 1st perf. Siegburg 1994. P.J.Tonger Musikverlag, Köln.


DIVERTIMENTO IV Old scottish melodies. Mezzosopr., Fl., Ob., Chit., Pf., Perc., Vla., Vc. 20 min., 1st perf Moers 1992.


SEVEN MINIATURES Guitar, Accordion. 10 min., 1st perf. Reutlingen 1992. P.J.Tonger Musikverlag, Köln


CINQUE ACQUERELLI Bass flute (or Cl.), Guitar, Vc. 15 min., 1st perf. Moers 1991.


QUINTET Fl./picc., Cl., Pf., Vc., Perc. 15 min., 1st perf. Bonn 1990.


IM SPIEGEL Eine kleine Erzählung für Akkordeon und Schlagzeug. 14 min., 1st perf. Bonn 1990. Augemus Musikverlag, Essen.


FOUR SHORT PIECES FOR VIOLIN AND ACCORDION 8 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1989. Augemus Musikverlag, Essen.


EIN GEBURTSTAGGRUSS für Egon Gernemann Per due violini e violoncello (playable by children). 3 min., 1st perf. (priv.) Düsseldorf 1989.


ALSFELDER TURMMUSIK 2 Tpt., 2 (3) Tbne. I Fanfare. II Trauermusik.. 4 min., 1st perf. (I) Alsfeld 1989, (II) Boston 1995.


THREE FOLKSONGS for very young players 3 Vl., Vc., Pf 6 hands. I Skye Boat Song. II The Lovers Ghost. III Lannigans Ball. 14 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1989.


FAVOLA Per Campanula e Cembalo. 8 min., 1st perf. Gersau, Switz. 1989


TORRIDON REEL A brief entertainment for accordion and piano. 3 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1989.


CANTO J.S. IN MEMORIAM Vc., Pf. 13 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1988.


SAXOPHONE QUARTET Sopr., alt., ten., bar. 15 min., 1st perf. Raesfeld 1988.


PIECE FOR PEACE Vl., Pf. 13 min., 1st perf. Köln 1982.


DIVERTIMENTO II 2 Cl., 2 Acc., Pf 4 hands., Trbne. 13 min., 1st perf. Deutschlandsberg, Austria 1987.


DIVERTIMENTO Solo Vl., 3 perc (playable by children), Cb., voci bianchi ad lib. 20 min., 1st perf. Montepulciano 1984.


THREE PIECES FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO 7 min., 1st perf. Köln 1984.


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