BOLERO (Ravel) shortened, arr for 9 Vc. 6 min. 1st perf. 2014, cello-class of Barbara Varsanyi, Bonn.


Rossini, Tell, page 10
Rossini, Tell, page 10

TELL-OVERTURE (Rossini), slightly shortened. 4 Vc.


CAPRICCIO Op. 2 (Gottfried von Einem, 1943, orig. for Orch) arr. for Symphonic Wind Orchestra. 12 Min, 1st perf. Kärntner Bläserphilharmonie, Carinthischer Sommer (Austria) 2003 Boosey & Hawkes


WHITE CHRISTMAS 9 Vc 5 Min Ist perf Bonn 2002


FOUR CHRISTMAS CAROLS 1 Patapan Marimba/Vc. II Veni Emmanuel Marimba/Vc. III Die Nacht ist vorgedrungen Fl/Marimba/Vc. IV Schönstes Kindlein Fl/Vl/Vc/Vibr/Pf (CD) 12 Min


EIGHT BERNSTEIN SONGS 8 Vc. I Maria. II Somewhere. III Cool. IV America. V Something's coming. VI One Hand one Heart. VII I feel pretty. VIII Tonight. 25 Min. (Pending permission)


FOUR MENDELSSOHN LIEDER OHNE WORTE  I Spinnerlied (Op.67 Nr 4, 3 Vc, Pf.). II Gondellied (Op 19 Nr 6, 3 Vc). III Heldenlied (Op 53 Nr 2, 3 Vc, Pf). 10 Min. IV Hymne (Op 19 Nr 4, 4 Vc).


LOST IN THE FOREST: a new cut and lightened version of Hänsel und Gretel in two orchestrations: type one very light for child-solo and small groups of children, type 2 for choir, adult-soloists etc. Under-16-Orch., conducted by Anna Vohn. Regie Philipp Westerbarkei. Orchestrra, soloists, childrens' choir. 75 min.

Premiere Düsseldorf Opera-House 9th Nov 11am,

Premiere Duisburg Opera-House 25th Nov 18h. For further performances please see Opera-House-Sites.

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