Stage works

FIVE AND IT / FÜNF UND ES Childrens' Opera. Libretto (after 5 Children and It): Jo Willems, Annette Bieker, Frank Schulz. 5 talented child soloists, children' choir, Adult Actor/Singer, Baritone with good falsetto. Cl./Bcl./CbCl., Pos., Vc., Acc., Pf., Perc. 75 min. 1st perf Düsseldorf Sept 2013.


THE GIRLS FROM THERESIENSTADT / DIE MÄDCHEN VON THERESIENSTADT Music-theatre for and with young people. Libretto: Kerstin Baldauf. 13 girls, boy (light tenor), young adult soprano, 3 boys (voci bianchi), adult soprano, adult alto, baritone, choir-master (speaking-role, plays piano), accordion, percussion, grand piano, cello, 1st perf Bonn 2010. More info here.



(with Jean-Paul Dessy). Text: Iain Finlay Macleod. Music for the first part of the EU-St Kilda project performed simultaneously in 5 countries and satellite-linked to St Kilda. Gaelic singer, Choir SATB, Actors, Live and pre-produced Film material, Trbn, Vc, Perc, Accordion, Pf. Ist perf 2007 Stornoway / Valenciennes / Mons / Düsseldorf / Hallstatt / BBC Podcast. 40 Min (Total 80 Min)


THE BIRDS / DIE VÖGEL (with Bernd Hänschke). Text: Jens Prüß. Mezzosopr., Ten., Bar., 2 Dancers, Cl/BCl, Vc, Pf, Perc. 80 min., 1st perf. Moers, 2002.


LA SERENATA DE ALTISIDORA Quasi una opera. Text after Cervantes by Ricardo Bada. Sopr., Mezzosopr., Ten., Bar., 2 actors, 2 dancers, chamber orch. 22 min., 1st perf. Camagüey, Cuba 2000.


DER KÖNIG VON ALPHABETANIEN Songs for the stage-work by Martin Baltscheit. Singer, Vl., Mand., Acc., Perc. (playable by children). 20 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1999.


BALADA DE UN DIA DE JULIO Text: F.G.Lorca. Sopr., Vla., Pf., Perc., voci bianchi (children), attore, ballerina. 16 min., 1st perf. Camagüey, Cuba 1998.


DIE BALLADE VON BIG MAC Musiktheaterstück. Text: Frank Schulz. 2 actors/singers, 2 actors, Cl/Bcl/Sax., Acc/Pf/Synth., Perc. 90 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1999.


SCHERZ, LIST UND RACHE Musitheaterstück. Text after Goethe by Frank Schulz. 4 actors/singers, Cl., Vl., Accordion, Trbn., Perc. 75 min., 1st perf. Düsseldorf 1996.


ATTA TROLL – Musikalische Sommernachtsszenen

Musiktheaterstück for singers, dancers, actors, pantomime, large chamber orch., small brass band. Libretto after Heinrich Heine by Hans-Ulrich Treichel. 100 min.


DAS BADENER LEHRSTÜCK VOM EINVERSTÄNDNIS Instrumentation for orchestra. 40 min., 1st perf. München 1988.


DAS BADENER LEHRSTÜCK VOM EINVERSTÄNDNIS Orchestration and expansion of Hindemith/Brecht original. Text additions by Hans-Ulrich Treichel. Chamber orch., rock/jazz instr., brass band, 2 choirs, singers, actors, multimedia effects. 60 min., 1st perf. Mürzzuschlag (Austria) 1983.