How to buy scores and CD's


CD with Christina Ascher (Alto) and Trio Bariolé including 9 Bagatelles, Seven Miniatures, Im Spiegel, Sehen Sie Ryoanji and  We have no Relics (works for accordion, guitar, percussion and voice) can be bought for 10 Euros plus 2 Euros postage by sending me an e-mail.


Some scores can be bought as photocopied manuscripts from the Scottish Music Centre.


Published scores are linked to the publishers in the list of works.


For access to other scores please contact the composer by e-mail.


The Audio-book-SACD "Vom Mädchen das nicht schlafen wollte" (Martin Baltscheit) with music by the Düsseldorf composition class can be bought at Cybele Records.


The Radio-play CD Scheherzad und der Brunnen der Geschichten (Karleinz Koinegg, music by David Graham) is available at der Hörverlag



List of works
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